Election 2010: Highlights of the day

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Compliment of the day

Having gone to all the trouble of backing a supposed winning horse, Rupert Murdoch's Cameron-supporting Sun must be mightily disappointed that its own poll now shows that voters prefer Nick Clegg. So disappointed, in fact, that the organ urges them to be realistic: "We are electing a Prime Minister. We need someone serious and with substance."

PR stunt of the day

Public-relations supremo and lifelong Tory Peter Bingle has done it again. He's now tapped out a memo attacking the election campaign strategy as "the most inept in living memory", and says John Major could turn out to be "the last Tory PM". His master plan? Get Ken Clarke "on our TV screens every morning, noon and night". That'll win 'em round.

Positive campaign of the day

One Labour leaflet, circulated in Birmingham, bears the mugshots of convicted rapists, murderers and child abusers and helpful reminders that the Lib Dems want to "give them the vote".

Optimist of the day

Trouble-making rumours abound (hat-tip to the Guido Fawkes blog) that Alistair Darling has given up hope already. Apparently he has already started the process of packing up his stuff and moving out of No 11.