Election 2017: Jeremy Corbyn attracts bigger crowds than Labour did in 1997, says John Prescott

Approximately ten thousand come to see the Labour leader speak in Gateshead 

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Jeremy Corbyn is attracting crowds bigger than the Labour party achieved in 1997, according to John Prescott. 

The former Deputy Prime Minister from 1997 to 2007 has claimed Labour under Tony Blair was not able to attract audiences as large as Mr Corbyn's in the run-up to the party’s historic landslide win a decade ago. 

Mr Corbyn held a campaign rally in Gateshead and estimates suggest approximately 10,000 of his supporters turned up to see him speak. 

Another 5,000 were not able to get close and were forced to watch the speech nearby, according to the Chronicle Live

Despite the poor weather, the audience seemed in good spirits and chanted the Labour leader’s name as he walked on to the stage.

Mr Prescott used social media to share a picture of the crowd, as well as a brief clip of the warm reception Mr Corbyn received. 

The former Deputy Prime Minister has been complimentary about Mr Corbyn in recent weeks and described him as a “principled man”. 

“Two years ago I never thought Jeremy could even lead the Labour Party, let alone the country. But he has proved me wrong. Big time,” he wrote in the Mirror.

"Corbyn has earned his right to be our next prime minister. We’d be lucky to have a PM who actually listens to people not ignores them,” he added.