Election Highlights of the Day: 08/05/2010

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Dream of the day

Gordon Brown seems keen to talk to the Liberal Democrats but the Foreign Secretary David Miliband is a little slow off the mark: "Just woken up to hear someone on BBC saying I was talking to vince cable. Nonsense! I've been having a kip!" he tweets.

Offer of the day

Dr Evan Harris is no doubt miffed at being forced out of his Oxford West and Abingdon seat. And he's not the only one: "It's not like we need LESS hot secular liberal scientists in Parliament," tweets Times columnist Caitlin Moran. Still, Evan shouldn't be too disheartened – Caitlin says she's "prepared to comfort him in whichever manner his broken heart demands".

Promise of the day

And Caitlin's not the only one who's been making rash promises. Tory blogger Iain Dale tweets his pledge to streak down Whitehall should exit poll figures predicting the Lib Dems would take only 59 seats turn out to be accurate. Well, they haven't even managed that yet; surely worth a moon, at least?

Songbird of the day

One person who most certainly is not reneging on her election promise is new Conservative MP for Oxford West and Abingdon Nicola Blackwood. After beating Dr Harris in the poll, she delivered on her pledge to go live on BBC Oxford radio and sing after fellow Tory MP Ed Vaizey revealed she is a trained opera singer. Her choice of song? Cole Porter's "Every Time We Say Goodbye". A little early for that kind of talk, surely?

Rant of the day

Tory PR man Peter Bingle, who has attacked the Conservative election campaign on a number of occasions, is at it yet again: "A poor campaign. Some truly awful candidates. Are we surprised that the Tory party failed to win an overall majority? Heads need to roll," he tweets. And that's not all, he goes on to say: "It is time for change in the Tory party. We need some Tories directing the next campaign so we win it," and adds: "Somebody needs to take the blame for the campaign and resign or be fired. Tory activists are angry and depressed!"

Misjudgement of the day

Tory MP for Spelthorne Kwasi Kwarteng might want to think through whom he pays tribute to in future after he was called a "scumbag" during his acceptance speech. Not all that surprising, though, when we learn that the man he was paying tribute to was former MP David Wilshire – widely pilloried for his part in the expenses scandal.