Election highlights of the day

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Awkward question of the day

David Cameron was evasive when questioned by fellow Old Etonian Boris Johnson about why he wasn't making his new national service for 16-year-olds compulsory. He shot him daggers. Had they been at school, it would have been a "bog-flushing" offence.

Princess tweet of the day

Oh, the joy of sending Westminster hacks out to meet the great unwashed. One telly luvvy from Sky News, following Gordon Brown, tweets: "First trip on a Labour bus. Must be a local hire, not terribly salubrious."

Wrong turn of the day

That said, maybe Labour could be persuaded to loosen the purse strings when they hear what they got for their moolah. That reporter wrote: "Some directional issues for Labour. The bus has missed the turning for the airport."

Admission of the day

The good people of Stevenage had the chance to meet Gordon Brown in the flesh yesterday – well, those who were already party activists did. Everyone else had to make do with Clare Ward, the Labour MP for Watford, who was sent over by party officials to answer questions from irritated "normal people". "It's all been a bit party faithful-heavy today," she admitted.

Loser of the day

In a desperate attempt to make excuses for it being "The Sun wot lost it", its political editor Tom Newton Dunn reminds us of the Tories' electoral disadvantage: "A huge bias towards Labour in the voting system means David Cameron must battle against the odds to oust Gordon Brown."Quote of the day

"Never before, in my experience, has the general public warmed to a politician with the persona of a sanctimonious Leeds undertaker on a day trip to Bridlington." – Lord Hattersley, Labour's former deputy leader, on Vince Cable, the Liberal Democrat economics spokesman.

Unnecessary rosette of the day

Reported on Twitter: "Just seen my lib-dem candidate, beard, pushing bicycle, brown suit, both trouser legs tucked into socks. Massive rosette in case we weren't sure."