EU supporters in 'crisis of complacency' - Straw

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Jack Straw accused pro-Europeans of having a "crisis of complacency" yesterday and urged them to speak out against the "assault" by those opposed to the EU.

In a speech in Chester, the Foreign Secretary urged supporters of the European Union to face up to the "myths" about the organisation, and attacked critics of the proposed EU constitution, insisting that their true aim was to pull Britain out of the Union.

Mr Straw said: "I believe there is a crisis of complacency among those who support Britain's EU membership. Those who believe in the EU need to work harder and speak louder to explain both the benefits of membership by explaining in simple terms the reality behind the myths."

"By working together as freely-co-operating nations, the 25 members states create more jobs, do more business, and making ourselves more secure than any of us could alone. A bigger Europe, making its nations stronger, is our kind of Europe."

He was speaking as Michael Ancram, the shadow Foreign Secretary, launched a national petition to increase pressure on the Government for a referendum on the proposed European constitution.