Euro Yes campaign targets businesses

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Supporters of Britain's early entry into the euro will this week launch a Yes campaign for the single currency.

Spurred on by speculation that Tony Blair could hold the referendum next spring, Britain in Europe, the official organisers of the campaign for a Yes vote, are leafleting 50,000 businesses.

A leading voice calling for early entry belongs to Julia Gash, whose company produces sexy underwear. A committed Europhile, she believes small firms like hers could be driven out of business unless Gordon Brown stops dithering.

She has sold her house and used an inheritance to stay afloat, and has seen customers go elsewhere in Europe because Britain was outside the euro zone. "I sell to Levi flagship stores. They insist on me selling to them in euros. I feel very much at a competitive disadvantage," she said.

Simon Buckby, the campaign chief, said he had brought forward the Yes pamphlets because of the growing expectations that the referendum would be held on 1 May next year in spite of Gordon Brown's efforts to damp down the speculation.