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All squeezed together - what it means for your wallet

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* Osborne's raid on middle class: 400,000 forced on to 40p income tax rate ind.pn

* Austerity to last until 2018, admits George Osborne ind.pn

* Teachers threaten walkouts in row over Government salary shake-up ind.pn

* 'It is not the rest of the world's fault': Balls joins in blame game ind.pn

* Diamonds, fur coats and a food bank... all in Osborne’s backyard ind.pn

* Benefits: Fair or foul, Osborne keeps welfare down ind.pn

* Pensions: Elderly ‘treated like a cashpoint’ as the ceiling on savings for old age is lowered ind.pn

* Middle classes: ‘Stealth tax’ policy will drag 400,000 earners into higher rate ind.pn

* Swiss banking: Treaty to crackdown on Britain’s tax evaders ind.pn

* Fuel: Amid the austerity, drivers are cheered as duty rise is scrapped ind.pn

* Science: Boost for technology as extra £600m is pumped into research ind.pn

* Environment: Green lobby dismay as fracking is given the go-ahead ind.pn

* Aid: Pledge to UN is honoured, but less will be spent than expected ind.pn

* Infrastructure: HS2 - green light for new rail, roads and schools ind.pn

* Whitehall: Another 10% hammering for some departments ind.pn

* Autumn Statement reaction: Business gives the OK – but bankers aren’t going to buy it ind.pn

* Small businesses: A cautious welcome, but measures 'a bit of a joke' ind.pn

* Cost fears raised but overhaul for PFI is given a welcome, too ind.pn


* How your finances will be affected by the Autumn Statement ind.pn

* Autumn Statement: Bad numbers that may get even worse ind.pn

* To understand the situation Osborne confronted in his Autumn Statement, look a decade ahead ind.pn

* The part-time Chancellor with his head in the sand: why Osborne should be held to account for slashing public spending and talking down the economy ind.pn

* British boardrooms gave a cautious welcome to George Osborne's Autumn Statement. But for workers and savers, there wasn't much to cheer ind.pn


* Editorial: Autumn Statement - a mini-Budget more about politics than economics ind.pn

* What George Osborne said - and what he meant ind.pn

* We’re already in Plan B. They just haven’t told us ind.pn

* Nothing George Osborne said in his Autumn Statement can disguise how bleak the figures are ind.pn

* Spin it any way you like, George Osborne's Autumn Statement proves he is a failure as Chancellor ind.pn

* Autumn Statement: After George Osborne said he was dropping the fuel duty rise, the man taking the credit set his sights on Gordon Brown's 10p tax ind.pn

* George Osborne's Autumn Statement is not so much middle way as muddle way ind.pn

* The Sketch: Deathly Chancellor gets a new lease of life from his opposite number ind.pn