Expenses-probe MPs to be named


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MPs whose expenses are under investigation will be named from next month.

The Independent Parliamentary Standards Authority (Ipsa) has moved to make the process more transparent following a consultation.

The watchdog's compliance officer Luke March resigned last August after refusing to identify politicians subject to investigations.

In an interview, he said it would be "unfair" to release names before allegations were proved, and suggested there should be no publicity at all if individuals were cleared.

Since then Ipsa has published details of completed inquiries.

It has now decided that names will be given once a formal investigation is under way - similar to the system operated by the Parliamentary Standards Commissioner.

"If a matter goes to investigation, the compliance officer shall have no discretion to withhold publication of the name of the MP and the nature of the claim(s) concerned (ie what budget type it falls under)," the new rules state.

Cases already in progress will be handled under the existing guidelines, with the revised arrangements taking effect from February 1, according to a spokesman.


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