Farage to stand against speaker Bercow

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Ukip leader Nigel Farage is to stand against Commons Speaker John Bercow at the next election, the party said today.

It posted the news on its website, ahead of a formal announcement tomorrow from Mr Farage at Ukip's annual conference.

He is an MEP for the south-east region which contains Mr Bercow's Buckingham constituency, one of the safest seats in the country.

Mr Bercow won the seat for the Conservatives at the last election with a majority of 18,129 - but at the next poll he will stand simply as "Mr Speaker Seeking Re-election".

By convention the main political parties do not put up candidates against a sitting Speaker, so the Liberal Democrats and Labour would be expected to give Mr Bercow a free run.

Mr Farage will be attempting to cash in on votes from disaffected Tories. He told The Daily Telegraph: "This is a part of England where we did very well in the European elections and local elections.

"We are very well organised and strong and I intend to fight this very hard to become the MP."