First by-election blood to Tories in Surrey

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Tories comfortably defended a marginal seat in the first council by-election since this month's main contests.

They increased their margin over Liberal Democrats from 63 to 284 at Surrey County's St Johns and Brookwood division.

There may be Lib Dem relief - after their May 5 slump - that they contained the swing. The previous comparable election was in 2009 when a BBC survey estimated their nationwide support at 29%.

The division is in Woking Borough where Tories gained overall control two weeks ago.

Counting is under way today in an Aberdeen by-election - the first north of the border since the Scottish National Party's sweeping triumph in the Holyrood polls.


Aberdeen City - Dyce/Bucksburn/Danestone: Counting today. (May 2007 - Four seats. First count SNP 2620, Lab 1801, Lib Dem 1534, C 603, Lib Dem 360, Green 147, Ind 116, Ind 57. Elected: Lib Dem 2, SNP 1, Lab 1).

Surrey County - St Johns and Brookwood: C 1342, Lib Dem 1058, Lab 188, Ukip 155. (June 2009 - C 1688, Lib Dem 1625, Ukip 462, Lab 149). C hold. Swing 4.3% Lib Dem to C.