Forgetting Ed Miliband: Former Labour leader attempts to move on from Russell Brand break-up in parody film trailer

Ed Miliband travels to Hawaii, where he and Russell Brand try to come to terms with election heartache in parody of 2008 film Forgetting Sarah Marshall

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Ed Miliband's heartache at losing the election has been depicted in a parody film trailer titled Forgetting Ed Miliband.

Based on the 2008 film Forgetting Sarah Marshall, the former Labour leader's head has been transposed onto the body of original character Jason Segel, who travels to Hawaii in an attempt to get over his ex-girlfriend, only to find that a character played by Russell Brand has started dating her.

Mr Brand famously performed a U-turn on his call for youngsters to abstain in the election, backing Mr Miliband at the last-minute after interviewing him in his own home, attracting wide-spread criticism to the Labour campaign.

In the parody trailer, Mr Miliband himself is seen on the shores of Hawaii trying to win back Mr Brand, with real-life clips of Mr Miliband merged with clips of the film to offer an emotional story to viewers.