Full list of MPs who employ relatives

MPs were under fire over their expenses again yesterday after more than 100 revealed they employ relatives from the public purse. Is your MP one of them? See the full list below

ANDERSON, Janet (Rossendale and Darwen)

Employs David Humphreys, son, as Research/Parliamentary Assistant

ATKINSON, Peter (Hexham)

Employs Brione Atkinson, wife, as part-time Office Manager/Executive Secretary

AUSTIN, Ian (Dudley North)

Employs Catherine Miles, wife, as part-time Office Manager/Secretary

BAILEY, Adrian (West Bromwich West)

Employs Jill Bailey, wife, as Senior Secretary

BARRON, Kevin (Rother Valley)

Employs Carol Barron, wife, as Parliamentary Assistant and Sheena Woolley, sister-in-law, as Secretary

BATTLE, John (Leeds West)

Employs Mary Battle, wife, as a Caseworker/Secretarial Assistant

BELL, Sir Stuart (Middlesbrough)

Employs Margaret Bell, wife, as Office Manager

BENN, Hilary (Leeds Central)

Employs Sally Clark, wife, as Research/Parliamentary Assistant

BERCOW, John (Buckingham)

Employs Sally Bercow, wife, as a part-time Senior Research Assistant

BETTS, Clive (Sheffield, Attercliffe)

Employs James Thomas, partner, as part-time Parliamentary Assistant

BRADY, Graham (Altrincham and Sale West)

Employs Victoria Lowther, wife, as Senior Research/Parliamentary Assistant

BRAZIER, Julian (Canterbury)

Employs Katharine Brazier, wife, as part-time Executive Secretary

BROWN, Russell (Dumfries and Galloway)

Employs Gillian Carey, daughter, as Senior Secretary/Office Manager

BRUCE, Malcolm (Gordon)

Employs Rosemary Bruce, wife, as Office Manager and Diary Secretary

BURSTOW, Paul (Sutton and Cheam)

Employs Mary Burstow, wife, as part-time Financial Controller and Book-keeper on a fee basis

BURT, Alistair (North East Bedfordshire)

Employs Eve Burt, wife, as Office Manager/Executive Secretary

CABORN, Rt Hon Richard (Sheffield Central)

Employs wife as part-time Senior Secretary

CASH, William (Stone)

Employs Bridget Cash, wife, as Research/Parliamentary Assistant

CATON, Martin (Gower)

Employs Bethan Caton, wife, as Senior Parliamentary Assistant

CONWAY, Derek (Old Bexley and Sidcup)

Employs Colette Conway, wife, as Office Manager/Executive Secretary

CORMACK, Sir Patrick (South Staffordshire)

Employs Lady (Kathleen) Cormack, wife, as Secretary

CRABB, Stephen (Preseli Pembrokeshire)

Employs Beatrice Crabb, wife, as part-time Executive Secretary

CURTIS-THOMAS, Claire (Crosby)

Employs Michael Jakub, husband, as Office Manager

DAVIES, David (Monmouth)

Employs Aliz Davies, wife, as part-time Junior Secretary

DAVIES, Philip (Shipley)

Employs Deborah Davies, wife, as Senior Secretary

DAVIS, David (Haltemprice and Howden)

Employs Doreen Davis, wife, as Executive Secretary

DEAN, Janet (Burton)

Employs Sandra Belcher, daughter, as a part-time Caseworker

FARRELLY, Paul (Newcastle-under-Lyme)

Employs Victoria Perry, wife, as part-time Parliamentary Assistant

FLINT, Caroline (Don Valley)

Employs Phil Cole, husband, as Office Manager

FLYNN, Paul (Newport West)

Employs Lynne Samantha Flynn, wife, as Senior Secretary

FOSTER, Michael (Hastings and Rye)

Employs Rosemary Foster, wife, as Senior Secretary (Diary Secretary/Visits Manager)

FRANCIS, Dr Hywel (Aberavon)

Employs Mair Francis, wife, as Senior Parliamentary Assistant

GALE, Roger (North Thanet)

Employs Suzy Gale, wife, as Office Manager

GILLAN, Cheryl (Chesham and Amersham)

Employs Jack Leeming, husband, as a part-time Office Manager/Researcher

GOODWILL, Robert (Scarborough and Whitby)

Employs Maureen Goodwill, wife, as an Executive Secretary

GRAY, James (North Wiltshire)

Employs Philippa Mayo, partner, as part-time Senior Secretary

GRAYLING, Chris (Epsom and Ewell)

Employs Sue Grayling, wife, as Executive Secretary

HAIN, Peter (Neath)

Employs Adelaine Hain, mother, as part-time Secretary

HALL, Mike (Weaver Vale)

Employs Lesley Hall, wife, as Office Manager

HAMILTON, David (Midlothian)

Employs Jean Hamilton, wife, as Office Manager

HAMMOND, Stephen (Wimbledon)

Employs Sally Hammond, wife, as Office Manager/Secretary

HARRIS, Tom (Glasgow South)

Employs Carolyn Harris, wife, as part-time Office Manager

HASELHURST, Sir Alan (Saffron Walden)

Employs Lady (Angela) Haselhurst, wife, as Office Manager/Executive Secretary

HEALD, Oliver (North East Hertfordshire)

Employs Christine Heald, wife, as Office Manager

HEATH, David (Somerton and Frome)

Employs Dr Caroline Netherton, wife, as Senior Caseworker (Junior Secretary payscale)

HODGSON, Sharon (Gateshead East and Washington West)

Employs Alan Hodgson, husband, as a Caseworker

HOPKINS, Kelvin (Luton North)

Employs Patricia Hopkins, wife, as Senior Secretary

HOWARD, Rt Hon Michael (Folkestone and Hythe)

Employs Sandra Howard, wife, as part-time Secretary

ILLSLEY, Eric (Barnsley Central)

Employs Dawn Illsley, wife, as Junior Secretary

INGRAM, Rt Hon Adam (East Kilbride, Strathaven and Lesmahagow)

Employs Maureen Ingram, wife, as Office Manager/Secretary and Michael Courtney, cousin's son, as Research Assistant

JACK, Rt Hon Michael (Fylde)

Employs Alison Jack, wife, as part-time Caseworker

JOHNSON, Diana (Hull North)

Employs Kevin Morton, partner, as Office Manager/Senior Researcher

KEEN, Alan (Feltham and Heston)

Employs David Keen, son, as Constituency Manager and Senior Caseworker

KEY, Robert (Salisbury)

Employs Susan Key, wife, as a part-time Senior Secretary

KIRKBRIDE, Julie (Bromsgrove)

Employs Karen Leadley, sister, as part-time Secretary

LADYMAN, Steve (South Thanet)

Employs Janet Ladyman, wife, as Office Manager

LAXTON, Bob (Derby)

Employs Gail Laxton, wife, as Office Manager

LEVITT, Tom (High Peak)

Employs Teresa Levitt, wife, as Parliamentary Assistant

LUFF, Peter (Mid Worcestershire)

Employs Julia Luff, wife, as Secretary

LIDDELL-GRAINGER, Ian (Bridgwater)

Employs Jill Liddell-Grainger, wife, as Research/Parliamentary Assistant

MCAVOY, Rt Hon Thomas (Rutherglen and Hamilton West)

Employs Eleanor McAvoy, wife, as Senior Secretary/Personal Assistant

MCCAFFERTY, Chris (Calder Valley)

Employs David Tarlo, husband, as Parliamentary Assistant

MCCARTHY-FRY, Sarah (Portsmouth North)

Employs Victoria Fry, daughter, as Office Manager

MCFALL, John (West Dumbartonshire)

Employs Joan McFall, wife, as part-time Parliamentary Assistant

MACDOUGALL, John (Glenrothes)

Employs Catherine MacDougall, wife, as part-time Junior Secretary/Caseworker

MANN, John (Bassetlaw)

Employs Joanna White, wife, as Office Manager

MERCER, Patrick (Newark)

Employs Cait Mercer, wife, as Junior Caseworker

MOORE, Michael (Berwickshire, Roxburgh and Selkirk)

Employs Alison Moore, wife, as Caseworker

MORLEY, Elliot (Scunthorpe)

Employs Patricia Morley, wife, as part-time Assistant Secretary (Junior Secretary pay range)

MOSS, Malcolm (North East Cambridgeshire)

Employs Sonya Moss, wife, as Executive Secretary

MOUNTFORD, Kali (Colne Valley)

Employs Ian Leedham, husband, as Office Manager

MURRISON, Andrew (Westbury)

Employs Bob Munden, father-in-law, as part-time Research/Parliamentary Assistant

OATEN, Mark (Winchester)

Employs sister-in-law, Julia Harkness, as Secretary

OLNER, William (Bill)

Employs Gillian Olner, wife, as part-time Secretary

OTTAWAY, Richard (Croydon South)

Employs Nicola Ottaway, wife, as part-time Parliamentary Assistant

PAICE, James (South East Cambridgeshire)

Employs Ava Paice, wife, as part-time Caseworker/Secretary

PALMER, Dr Nick (Broxtowe)

Employs Fiona Palmer, wife, as part-time Senior Caseworker

PATERSON, Owen (North Shropshire)

Employs Rose Paterson, wife, as Parliamentary Assistant and Secretary

PRITCHARD, Mark (The Wrekin)

Employs Sondra Pritchard, wife, as Office Manager

PUGH, Dr John (Southport)

Employs Annette Pugh, wife, as Office Manager

RAMMELL, Bill (Harlow)

Employs Beryl Rammell, wife, as Junior Secretary

ROBERTSON, Angus (Moray)

Employs Carron Anderson, wife, as Senior Caseworker

ROBERTSON, John (Glasgow North West)

Employs Laura Robertson, daughter, as a part-time Junior Secretary

ROBINSON, Iris (Strangford)

Employs Jonathan Robinson, son, as Office Manager and daughter-in-law, Ellen Robinson, as part-time Secretary

ROBINSON, Peter (Belfast East)

Employs Rebekah Robinson, daughter, as Office Manager and Private Secretary and Gareth Robinson, son, as Parliamentary Assistant

SANDERS, Adrian (Torbay)

Employs Alison Sanders, wife, as Office Manager

SCOTT, Lee (Ilford North)

Employs Estelle Scott, wife, as Senior Secretary

SKINNER, Dennis (Bolsover)

Employs Lois Blasenheim, partner, as Senior Research/Parliamentary Assistant

SMITH, Rt Hon Andrew (Oxford East)

Employs Val Smith, wife, as Office Manager/Senior Caseworker

SMITH, Angela C (Sheffield Hillsborough)

Employs Steven Wilson, husband, as Senior Parliamentary Researcher

SMITH, Jacqui (Redditch)

Employs Richard Timney, husband, as Senior Research/Parliamentary Assistant

SOULSBY, Sir Peter (Leicester South)

Employs Lady (Alison) Soulsby, wife, as Office Manager

STREETER, Gary (South West Devon)

Employs Janet Streeter, wife, as part-time Junior Parliamentary Researcher and Tamsin Streeter, daughter, as part-time Junior Parliamentary Researcher

STOATE, Dr Howard (Dartford)

Employs Deborah Stoate, wife, as Office Manager and Secretary

STUART, Graham (Beverley and Holderness)

Employs Niki Roberts, sister, as Executive Secretary

TAYLOR, Ian (Esher and Walton)

Employs Carole Taylor, wife, as part-time Senior Parliamentary Assistant

TAYLOR, Matthew (Truro and St Austell)

Employs Victoria Taylor, wife, as part-time Researcher

TOUHIG, Don (Islwyn)

Employs Jennifer Touhig, wife, as part-time Office Manager

TURNER, Andrew (Isle of Wight)

Employs Carole Dennett, partner, as Parliamentary Assistant

WEIR, Mike (Angus)

Employs Anne Weir, wife, as part-time Caseworker

WILLIAMS, Alan (Swansea West)

Employs Robin Williams, son, as Office Manager/Executive Secretary

WILLIAMS, Betty (Conwy)

Employs Raymond Williams, son, as part-time Secretary

WILSHIRE, David (Spelthorne)

Employs Ann Palmer, partner, as Office Manager

WILSON, Phil (Sedgefield)

Employs Margaret Brown, partner, as Parliamentary Assistant

WRIGHT, Iain (Hartlepool)

Employs Tiffiny Wright, wife, as Caseworker

YOUNG, Sir George (North West Hampshire)

Employs Camilla Young, daughter, as Office Manager

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