A Government minister with real industry experience: David Cameron appoints FA qualified football coach as new Sports Minister

David Cameron appoints football enthusiast Tracey Crouch to his new ministerial team

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For those who rant and rave that the Health Secretary has no experience of working in a hospital or the minister in charge of education knows nothing about life as a teacher, they can take solace in David Cameron’s choice of Sports Minister.

Why? Because Tracey Crouch, the Government minister now in charge of sport, is an FA qualified football coach.

The MP for Chatham and Aylesford, who was first elected to Parliament in 2010, will have to juggle her new responsibilities with managing a girls’ football team in Kent.

Ms Crouch, a Tottenham fan, has spoken out against the Football Association in the past after the organisation brought in strict new gender rules that meant she was blocked from playing for the Parliamentary football team in FA-sponsored games.

This is her in action before the ban came into effect, playing alongside political rival Ed Balls, who won't be playing in any Parliamentary football games anytime soon either: