Activists see red at Greens' £1,000-a-head ball

Anger grows among activists who believe the Greens are aping their rivals

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For a party committed to a radical redistribution of wealth, it was a surprising move.

The Green Party announced plans to hold a black tie – or alternatively green tie – fundraiser this month for its ambitious general election campaign, with the cheapest tickets at £1,000.

The minimum cost of going to the bash at a central London hotel was twice the price of standard tickets to the Conservatives’ much-mocked black-and-white ball last month.


Guests were being offered champagne, a three-course dinner, a speech by the leader, Natalie Bennett, and a “stimulating Q&A session”. That was to be followed by a “green auction” and a drinks reception lasting into the small hours.

However, the plans appeared to be in the balance last night as anger grew among activists who believe the Greens are aping their rivals. A link to details of the reception vanished from the Greens’ website and party sources confirmed it was under discussion.

The party is fielding candidates in at least 500 seats in England and Wales, which means it will have to find £250,000 for the deposits.