David Cameron on LBC radio: 'Grill me as hot as you like'

Tory leader would have 'a ding-dong' with Shelagh Fogarty

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First Ed Balls revealed he was a “long, slow burner” in bed, now David Cameron has told a female radio presenter he likes “having a ding-dong” with her and invited her to “grill me as hot as you like”.

The prime minister chose this saucy choice of words as he made his latest attempt to fend off criticism of his refusal to take part in a head-to-head TV debate with Labour leader Ed Miliband.

Talking to LBC Radio’s Shelagh Fogarty, who asked whether he would be happy to debate Mr Miliband on the radio instead, Mr Cameron said: "I am hoping to come on your show a number of times between now and the election. I think you get more out of someone with one interview and one person. You can give me a really good grilling. I like having a ding-dong with you.

"I'm happy to have that big seven-cornered debate, so we can hear from everyone before the campaign. Then by all means, let's come back on to LBC and you can grill me as much as you like."

It is the latest example of a politician flirting live on the radio. Last month Mr Balls, also speaking on LBC, boasted about his stamina in bed and flirted with a female caller.

Presenter Ian Dale surprised him by playing out recordings from members of the public rating his sex appeal, with one describing him as a “sexy beast” and another saying he “could rock my world”. Not all were complimentary however, with one member of the public saying she would sleep with him “if I’m desperate”. Mr Balls said the package had “started well and then slightly fell away at the end”. Asked whether this description was also an accurate description of his own sex life, he said: “No, long slow burner.”

But later in the phone-in, Mr Balls appeared to come on to Anne, a caller from Oldham who branded his comments "49-and-a-half shades of grey". “If you want to come in and fill in the other half any time.”

We expected the election campaign to get heated, but not quite in this fashion.