David Cameron's Wikipedia page hacked to display Ed Miliband’s face and huge 'vote Labour' banner

Nick Clegg and Caroline Lucas’s page got the same image, but both have now been fixed

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David Cameron, Caroline Lucas and Nick Clegg’s Wikipedia pages have been hacked to show a huge red background, a message in capital letters to “vote Labour” and a giant picture of Ed Miliband’s face.

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The edits were fixed within minutes and restored to their previous states. The pages have been moved into a state of “semi-protection”, which means that unregistered and new users can’t edit the page, and the page has been restored to how it was this morning.

The edits made the entirety of the pages invisible, covering it only in a big red block of colour and Ed Miliband’s face.

While the edits to David Cameron’s page got the most interest, the hack also seemed to have hit those of Green candidate Caroline Lucas and Liberal Democrat leader Nick Clegg also being hit by the problems.

Ordinarily, anyone can edit a Wikipedia page, with only special needing their edits to be checked.

Though it’s not possible to see how many people are visiting the page at any time, the pages are presumably receiving extra interest today because of the election.