Ed Miliband: ‘We’ll protect education spending’

Miliband said his policies would protect Education’s £58bn annual budget 

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A Labour government would ensure that education spending rises at least in line with inflation for the next five years, Ed Miliband has said.

During a visit to his old secondary school – Haverstock in Camden, north London – Mr Miliband said the Department for Education’s £58bn annual budget would be protected in real terms. His announcement came after David Cameron said the Tories would only protect spending per pupil in cash terms after 2015.

Mr Miliband promised that Labour would protect not only school spending in England but also early-years provision, childcare, special education services, the pupil premium, grants for Sure Start centres and spending on further  education, sixth forms  and apprenticeships for 16- to 19-year-olds.

Protecting educational provision was a key factor in reducing inequality and providing opportunity for all, he said, adding: “The generational question facing us is whether we are fated to be... a country in which a few people do fabulously well, while most work harder and harder just to keep their place.”