Election 2015: New poll gives Labour a four point lead over Tories

While Lib Dems lag behind Ukip

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Labour have opened up a four point lead over the Conservatives according to a new poll released last night, a notable increase on previous pre-election research into voting intentons.

The results has led to speculation that there may have been a ‘Miliband bounce’ after viewers warmed to the party leader’s performance on Channel 4 and Sky’s Battle For Number 10 programme, broadcast on Thursday night. The latest polling took place after Ed Miliband and Prime Minister David Cameron’s interviews with Jeremy Paxman and studio questions had been screened.

The YouGov/Sunday Times poll found Labour on 36 percent, ahead of the Tories on 32, and Ukip on 13. The Liberal Democrats had an eight per cent of the poll, with the Greens holding six.