Esther McVey says she wants to be Prime Minster one day: 'The motivation is women'

'If I had to give a yes or a no, I'll be honest and say yes'

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The Conservative MP Esther McVey has admitted she would like to become Prime Minister one day.

The employment minister spoke about her ambitions during a discussion on the panel show Loose Women.

Quizzed by panellist Janet Street-Porter if she would like to be Prime Minister, she initially refused to give a straight answer, insisting “it is not as simple as that."

When Porter asked her to give a straight yes or no answer, Ms McVey replied: "If I had to give a yes or a no, I'll be honest and say 'yes'.  It's about women, the motivation is women."

Ms McVey recently dismissed claims she was being lined up by David Cameron to replace Grant Shapps as Conservative Party chairman, telling The Telegraph she would say no if the position was offered to her right now. "I do not know anywhere near enough. What do they say? Fools rush in where angels fear to tread.”

David Cameron responded to her admission today by saying there is "lots of talent in Tory Party", adding that he did not want to place a "limit on anyone's ambition".

Ms McVey was one of three women promoted within the most recent cabinet reshuffle. Mr Cameron's shuffle came after criticism that his cabinet was overwhelmingly male.

She kept her position as Minister for Employment and Disabilities, but was invited to attend cabinet meetings.