General Election 2015: Everything you need to know about the economy

Find out all you need to know in under three minutes with The Independent’s 'Inside Stories' series

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The Independent's "Inside Stories" series offers our readers all they need to know about where the main political parties stand on the key issues in the 2015 General Election.

With the polls too close to call and with talk of a range of possible outcomes, coalitions and backroom deals, it is more important than ever to be well-informed before you place your vote on May 7.

Here, Economics Editor Ben Chu explains the key facts around the topic of the economy - under three minutes and with just five graphs.

The Conservatives’ message will be "the economy is recovering strongly, don't let Labour wreck it".

Labour will counter that the Coalition has made most people worse off and only they will restore living standards.

The Liberal Democrats, for their part, agree with the Tories that Labour can't be trusted with the economy but add that the Tories want to slash back public spending far too much.

To find out more about where the parties stand on the economy, watch the video.