General Election 2015: Nigel Farage suffers further poll woe as survey finds Ukip voters love Brussels sprouts

Poll of shopping habits finds Tories prefer avocados, while Green voters have the most eclectic shopping basket

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Ukip has slipped in the polls of late but the latest survey will have Nigel Farage tearing his hair out in disgust.

A survey of what food products supporters of political parties prefer found that the favourite vegetable among Ukip voters was BRUSSELS sprouts.

It is an embarrassing finding for the party that hates all things Brussels, the centre of the European Union.

Farage slippery sign1.jpg
Nigel Farage's party has slipped in the polls over recent months (PA)

The poll of shopping habits, carried out by Kantar, found Conservative voters love avocados and coffee, while the shopping basket of Green party voters are filled with the most eclectic mix of products, including fruit, herbal teas, French chees and mangoes.

Labour supporters are more likely to go for loose tea, the survey found, while Ukip voters stick with good old builders tea bags.

Who spends the most on groceries? Tory voters, by far, spending an average of £4,370 a year, while Labour spend £3,925 a year, with SNP, Liberal Democrat and Ukip voters most likely to shop at discount stores.

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