General Election 2015: One poll gives Tories six point lead over Labour, another two puts them tied on 33 per cent

Latest polling shows the election is all to play for with just 23 days to go

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Another day has thrown up yet more volatile polling results, with one giving the Tories a SIX point lead over Labour.

But another two published today has tied the top two parties on 33 per cent, proving why this election is one of the tightest races in British history. All three polls carried out the survey during the same period - April 10-12.

The ICM poll , which puts the Tories on 39 per cent and Labour on 33, appears to be an outlier as it contradicts a string of polling results over the weekend that put the two neck and neck, while it also puts Ukip's share of the vote at a surprisingly low level of just 7 per cent, their lowest showing in months.

Meanwhile two other polls - Populus and Lord Ashcroft surveys - both produced the same result for the top two parties, while Ukip's vote is considerably higher.



As the parties set out their manifestos this week, these polls show how much is still to play for in this campaign. A lot can be won and lost from now until polling day on May 7, but with both the main parties determined to pursue safety first strategies, a hung parliament is by far the safest bet to make.

A poll of pollsters for The Independent on Sunday projected the Conservatives to win 277 seats, three ahead of Labour on 274. This was a slight improvement for Ed Miliband's party from the same survey a week before.

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