General Election 2015: Poll of Polls

The best, most up-to-date guide to the state of public opinion

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There is going to be more opinion polling for this election than ever before. As more and more information is available, it becomes more and more important to find ways of making sense of it all.

The Independent has got together with and the New Statesman to produce a poll of polls that will distil the insights of the entire polling industry in as close to real time as is possible.

Poll averages used to be compiled monthly, during election campaigns weekly, and more recently daily, now that we are getting an average of two new polls a day.'s Poll of Polls can be updated within minutes of a new poll being published – giving you an instant update on the state of public opinion.

Below are further graphs that help you to explore how party politics has changed in recent history. Click the buttons below to see the graphs, or click through to to zoom in on any time since 1970.

All data, polls and graphics are courtesy of Click through for daily analysis, in-depth features and all the data you need.  (All historical data used is provided by UK Polling Report)