General election 2015: David Cameron supporters told to form 'praetorian guard' to shield him from the axe if Conservatives lose

The Tories are planning to save David Cameron's reputation if he loses election

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Supporters of the Prime Minister are calling for a Roman-style “praetorian guard” to publicly defend him in the face of criticism if the Conservative Party fails to win the general election.

At least two 1922 Committee members are planning to remove David Cameron from leadership if Labour wins. Loyalists are being told to form a “grassroots movement” to back him up via the airwaves prior to the meeting, according to The Guardian.

The 1922 Committee executive talks, planned for the Monday after the 7 May polling day, could discuss the immediate resignation of Mr Cameron if Ed Miliband pips him to the post.

A Conservative MP told The Guardian: “There is an attempt to form a praetorian guard round David. We are being asked to speak up for continuity and to say that our best option is to keep our leader. It is a move to counter the malcontents.

“It would be extremely foolish to replace David. He outpolls our party. The right just obsess about their issues and never look to the bigger picture.”

Praetorian guards are bands of elite soldiers that were used by Roman emperors to physically protect them as well as their interests. This was done by sabotaging or executing those who posed a threat to an emperor or his policies.

Could Boris Johnson replace David Cameron?

However, the Prime Minister said this month that he would consider resigning if there is another hung parliament. Even those who are “loyal” are now speculating as to who could replace him – such is the cut-throat nature of politics.

Mr Cameron also mentioned those who he believes could succeed him, referring to Chancellor George Osborne and Mayor of London Boris Johnson by their first names.

He told The Evening Standard: “If my party decided to move on without me I won’t put the mark of Cain on anybody.

“All I will say is that I think you see a group of very strong competent leaders behind me. Boris is a huge talent, George, Theresa May, Michael Gove, Philip Hammond.”

Apparently, Mr Johnson is the most popular choice with four out of 10 Londoners favouring him to leave his post and become leader of the Tories if the election ends in deadlock, according to the Standard.

The Independent has contacted the Conservative Party for comment.