General Election 2015: Twitter mesmerised by man with fake moustache during STV debate

"Can we just wrap this up and hear from #fakemoustacheguy?" wrote one Twitter user

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A mysterious man wearing a fake moustache and wide-brimmed fedora sent Twitter into meltdown during the Scottish Leaders’ debate tonight.

As Scottish Labour leader Jim Murphy, Scottish Conservative leader Ruth Davidson, First Minister, SNP leader Nicola Sturgeon and Scottish Liberal Democrat leader Willie Renni attempted to win the audience's attention, the Twittersphere was instead captivated by the mustachioed character.

Scottish singer Amy MacDonald was among the curious viewers.

But the man's guise was soon mired in controversy after he removed the moustache, with a Twitter user claiming staff running the debate asked the man to take it off.

And of course, a meme was born within minutes.

The man was later revealed to be Danny Mcafee, a taxi driver from Dundee.

He told BuzzFeed News: “I thought it [the debate] was going to be a yawnfest. So I brought along this moustache to brighten it up a bit – it was to give my mates at home a laugh really."

In what may have been a chance meeting, or a show of electioneering genius on Sturgeon's part, the SNP leader met the once-moustached man at the end of the debate.

During last week’s seven-way UK-wide television debate, a more vocal audience member in the form of a heckler dressed in a sheep-skin-like jacket stole the limelight as she protested about homeless veterans.