General election TV debate: Watch the highlights as Cameron and Miliband face questions from Jeremy Paxman

Watch all the highlights from yesterday's general election debate

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The first of a series of live televised debates was broadcast last night and it saw both main party leaders go head-to-head with Jeremy Paxman, as the former Newsnight man grilled them on issues such as zero-hours contracts, the UK’s economy and immigration.

The two men also fielded questions from a live studio audience made up of an equal distribution of Tory and Labour voters and those still yet to decide on which box to tick when they go the ballots this May.

David Cameron told the audience that the Conservatives had “turned the economy around” and said that an extra 1,000 people had found work under his government. Answering Paxman’s questions on employment and the standard of living, the Prime Minister admitted that he could not afford to live on a zero-hours contract and that the number of people using foodbanks had soared since 2010.

Ed Miliband’s main message from the night was that “Britain can do better” and the Labour leader answered “Hell yes”, when asked whether he was strong enough to lead the country. He admitted that former Labour governments had made mistakes in the past when it came to “regulation of the banks” and the Iraq War but that he had learned from this. He also revealed that his relationship with his brother David, was “healing” following a “bruising” battle for the Labour leadership in 2010.