George Galloway embroiled in Twitter spat with Bradford Brewery

'I shall return to this matter after the election. You have been most unwise'

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George Galloway has become embroiled in a bizarre spat with a brewery on Twitter after he responded to a tweet which appeared to annoy him.

Bradford Brewery, a brewery, bar and pie shop in Yorkshire, tweeted to George Galloway’s account asking whether he was "still a thing".

After the brewery's account questioned why Mr Galloway was the only parliamentary candidate not to "come and say hi", the Bradford West Respect candidate appeared to suggest that he would be in touch about what he claimed were "a series of complaints about the brewery".

"I shall return to this matter after the election. You have been most unwise," he wrote.

People were quick to leap to the defence of the Bradford Brewery – a brewery, bar and pie shop in Yorkshire – after they claimed that George Galloway had reported them to West Yorkshire Police.


The incident follows a disastrous Twitter question and answer session in February which saw him call critics "unhinged", "madmen" and "Tory scum" after he was bombarded with joke questions and insults.

Mr Galloway also reportedly singled out up to a dozen people alleging he was an anti-Semite, ordering his lawyers to send letters to Twitter users who tweeted or re-tweeted posts.

The letters, seen by The Times, were issued by Bradford-based Chambers Solicitors. They said the recipient was "required" to pay legal costs of £5,000 plus VAT into a HSBC bank account by 10 March.

The furore inspired the hashtag #libelGalloway to trend as people concocted joke statements to poke fun at his legal action.

Bradford Brewery has since reported they have been blocked from following Mr Galloway’s Twitter account.

The Independent has contacted a representative for Mr Galloway for comment