Nigel Farage to fine drunk people who end up in A&E

'It wouldn't be for first-time offenders. We were all young once'

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Pint-toting Nigel Farage has announced that, under UKIP, people will be fined if they end up in A&E after a night of revelry.

In an interview with the Sunday People, Farage, said: “It wouldn't be for first-time offenders. We were all young once. But if you’re a second time offender it’s a reasonable proposition.”

The Lib Dems and Tories clearly agree, and have floated similar ideas.

Last year the Lib Dem’s health minister Norman Lamb proposed a £50 levy on drunk people, but stopped just short of setting up an arm of the force called the Fun Police.


Tory minister Jeremy Hunt said he was open to fining people who cost taxpayers through “irresponsibility”. People who responsibly injure themselves, however, will be let off. 

There is some ambiguity in how all these proposals would be applied, and it could end up just putting further pressure on hospital departments.

Furthermore, having to pay to visit the hospital, regardless of your blood alcohol content, seems to conflict with the idea that the NHS is free at the point of delivery.

Farage, not averse to confusing and contradictory views, said in the interview: “I'm totally for an NHS free at the point of delivery”.