Plaid Cymru: We would back a minority Labour government on a case-by-case basis

Launching its election manifesto, party leader Leanne Wood firmly ruled out 'propping up' a Conservative government and opposed moves to cut spending

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Plaid Cymru would back a minority Labour government on a “case-by-case” basis, but oppose moves to cut spending or to renew the Trident nuclear deterrent, the party’s leader said today.

The price of its support echoes the position taken by the SNP and the Greens.

Launching its election manifesto, Leanne Wood, the party’s leader, firmly ruled out “propping up” a Conservative government. She added: “We won’t back a Labour government to implement austerity and Trident replacement either.”

Plaid currently holds three of the 40 Welsh seats, but hopes to capture at least two more on May 7.

Ms Wood said her party and the SNP enjoyed a “very close” relationship and were in regular contact. She said: “It makes sense for both our parties to continue working together.”

Plaid’s manifesto calls for spending in Wales to be raised to Scottish levels, for 1,000 more doctors and nurses to be hired and for taxes to be scrapped for small businesses.

The party also wants to restore the 50p top rate of tax and to increase National Insurance contributions for the highest paid.

Ms Wood said: “The people of Wales face a real choice at the election. All three Westminster parties are committed to slash-and-burn economics.

“It is likely there will be another hung parliament after the election. In that scenario, Plaid Cymru could hold the balance of power alongside our colleagues in the SNP.

“Should that happen, Plaid Cymru will seek a rebalancing of power and wealth in the UK. If the people of Wales return a strong team of Plaid Cymru MPs in May, then Wales will be best placed to secure an outcome to improve the prospects of our people and communities.”

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