Tories on top with social media mentions during Question Time special

The Conservatives received the most mentions on social media during the leaders Q&A session

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The Conservatives topped social media on Thursday night as more mentions were recorded for the party than any other during the Question Time special.

It comes as snap polls show David Cameron emerged as the winner of the question and answer session; 44 per cent of people said the Prime Minister performed the best, while 38 per cent favoured Ed Miliband. Nick Clegg was trailing the two prime ministerial hopefuls on 19 per cent.

The Conservatives topped social media mentions (Digital Contact)

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Social media responses to the Liberal Democrat leader’s grilling were mixed. Data showed a wide range in the positive and negative mentions on social media to Mr Clegg’s performance.

The first analysis of the social media reaction to the Question Time episode with the leaders of the three main parties was conducted by Digital Contact to provide a snapshot of the social sentiment.

There was a wide divergence in the sentiment expressed for the Liberal Democrats (Digital Contact)

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Each leader was put through their paces as members of the public asked a range of questions during the Question Time show, which was recorded in Leeds.