Gordon Brown 'ready to quit as MP at election'

The former PM is looking to 'go out on a high' after helping rescue Scottish independence referendum 'No' vote
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The former prime minister Gordon Brown will step down as an MP at next year's general election, it was reported in the Sunday Mirror last night.

Mr Brown, who entered the Commons in 1983, was said by a close ally to be looking to "go out on a high" after he was credited with helping to rescue the Scottish independence referendum when support for a "yes" vote surged late in the campaign.

A senior Scottish Labour MP told The Independent on Sunday last night: "I suspect he will look to do charity work. He won't be looking to do a Tony Blair and enter the City."

Mr Brown was Mr Blair's chancellor for 10 years. Their relationship was scarred as Mr Brown badly coveted Mr Blair's position as prime minister, but lost the 2010 general election in the wake of the financial crisis.

Mr Brown has a 23,009 majority for the seat of Kirkcaldy & Cowdenbeath.