Gordon Brown will be next PM, poll predicts

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In a blow to the Tory leader, a poll of influential people, including business leaders, media figures and senior civil servants, found Gordon Brown - rather than Mr Cameron - was the most likely political figure to win the next election.

Asked who would form the next government, 61 per cent thought that David Cameron would enter No 10, while 30 per cent thought he would make it to Downing Street. A majority of people polled, however, thought the new Conservative leader would be prime minister in 10 years' time, while only 7 per cent thought Gordon Brown would be still be in power.

The poll, by Opinion Leader Research, found Labour to be more modern, "in touch" and effective than the Conservatives. The Tories were considered more united than Labour, while David Cameron was seen as a good communicator and more charismatic than Gordon Brown.

The poll also found that Mr Cameron was "creative" and "reforming" while the Chancellor of the Exchequer was seen as more effective, a good manager and trustworthy. The poll revealed that Labour out-polled the Conservatives over "trust" to deliver on the key policy areas. Labour was more trusted to deliver a strong economy, an effective NHS and a "better work life balance". Labour also outpolled the Tories on its ability to tackle climate change. But the Tories were considered more effective in fighting crime.