Grant Shapps under pressure over ‘code breach’ claim

Grant Shapps admitted he had ‘screwed up’ on the dates that he had held a second job

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Pressure is growing on the Conservative chairman, Grant Shapps, over allegations that he breached the codes of conduct for ministers and MPs.

David Cameron expressed full confidence in him after it was revealed he had continued running get-rich-quick schemes under the pseudonym Michael Green after becoming an MP. He had emphatically denied the claim in an interview just weeks ago.

Mr Shapps initially dismissed the issue as an “old story”, but later admitted he had “screwed up” on his dates and had overstated his case in denying he had a second job in his early days in parliament.

Further details emerged last night of an attempt by Mr Shapps to silence a constituent who made a comment on Facebook about his use of the pseudonym. In letters sent by his lawyers, Mr Shapps said he was seeking “compensation in lieu of damages” from the constituent and demanded an apology retracting the claim.

Jon Ashworth, the shadow Cabinet Office Minister, said: “These letters clearly show the lengths Grant Shapps was prepared to go to in order to bully a constituent.”