Great Britain 'is illegal'

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Indy Politics
(First Edition)

AFTER 286 years and 288 days, it was announced yesterday that the Scottish Parliament is to be recalled on St Andrews Day, writes James Cusick.

The UDP - unilateral declaration of a parliament - was made by the pressure group, Democracy for Scotland. After consulting legal minds and history books, their England had failed to honour the contract of the 1707 Union of Westminster and Edinburgh parliaments. Great Britain was therefore declared illegal.

William Craig, a lecturer in law at Aberdeen University and a founder member of Democracy for Scotland, said the parliament's hereditary ex-officio members, such as the Lord Lyon King of Arms, could legally recall it.

But the current Lord Lyon, Sir Malcolm Innes, said: 'I took an oath to the Queen. This is a non-starter.'

Nevertheless, Democracy for Scotland said it planned all-party talks to discuss the recall of the Scottish Parliament.