Head of Cameron’s local Tory branch resigns over gay marriage


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The chairwoman of David Cameron’s local Conservative branch has resigned in protest at his support for gay marriage.

Cicely Maunder, 64, told the Sunday People: “I left after 34 years because of David Cameron’s support for gay marriage. I have no choice but to feel strongly about it as a Christian believer.”

Ms Maunder was the chairwoman of the Chipping Norton branch of the local Conservative Association.

Her decision is embarrassing for the Prime Minister who has a home in his Witney constituency not far from the town in Oxfordshire.

Last night a spokesman said Ms Maunder’s resignation “was not a matter for party comment”.

Ms Maunder said: “I’m a lifelong Conservative like my family before me. I’ve served the party half my life.

I’ll be a non-voter now. It’s very sad.” She said that the gay marriage issue had caught her unaware and that she had “no idea” why the Prime Minister opted to support it. “This wasn’t in the manifesto or the Queen’s Speech. It literally popped up from nowhere.”

She added: “I’m not anti-gay people at all. I fully agree with civil partnership rights. But most gay people will tell you that’s all they wanted and they don’t want gay marriage.”