Highlights of the day: 04/05/2010

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Anecdote of the day

Ask most men about their first football match and you'll get a far-away look and tales of terraces and half-time pies. But David Cameron tells children the story of his first trip to Villa Park, where he sat in the directors' box with his uncle, the chairman, Sir William Dugdale.

Freudian slip of the day

Nick Clegg called for the "end to Lord Ashdown". Surely not? It must have been the Tory backer, Lord Ashcroft, who was the target of the Lib Dem leader's ire. Then again ...

Email of the day

Manchester United fans are writing to their candidates, asking what they intend to do about the club's financial state. They will be happy to read that Tory candidate for Hammersmith, Shaun Bailey, thinks "football matters". In fact, he cares so much that he replies: "Here in (name) we are lucky enough to have a great club in (name), whose fortunes I try to follow closely."

Campaign of the day

Liberal Democrat activists have eschewed hustings for flash mobs, where members wear yellow and shout: "I agree with Nick." Being Liberal Democrats, they've also thought of the environment. Instructions to members read: "Crowd disperses, taking any litter with it so as not to give the tabloids something to moan about."