Highlights of the Week

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Stunt of the week

Simon Hughes, the party's new president, right, staged his own version of the BBC Radio 4 programme Just a Minute, selling the party's policies in 60 seconds without hesitation, deviation or repetition. Delegates loved it, giving him a two-minute ovation without hesitation, deviation or repetition.

Fringe meeting of the week

Goes to The Independent's packed event on Monday when hundreds of Lib Dems heard Mark Oaten, Baroness Shirley Williams and Sir Menzies Campbell sound the death knell for the Tory party.

Top of the agenda

Charles Kennedy declaring that he would not prop up a minority Labour government after the election during a question and answer session with Simon Kelner, editor-in-chief of The Independent.

Shock of the week

A Lib Dem security guard discovered a rolled-up inflatable doll as he searched one woman's bag for explosive items. The red-faced delegate explained the lewd item was meant for a cabaret-style revue.

Heckler of the week

The babe-in-arms who cried loudly from the back of the hall throughout Charles Kennedy's setpiece speech yesterday

What they were all saying

"We are going to stuff Labour at the Hartlepool by-election"

What no one was saying

"The future's Orange"

Good week

Charles Kennedy, who appears to have cut back on the booze and fags and has won copious praise for his serious new image.

Bad week

David Laws, below, the party's brainy junior Treasury spokesman, who became the invisible man after embarrassing the leadership by publishing his "Orange Book", which proposed breaking up the NHS.