Hint of extra holiday for royal wedding

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David Cameron held out the prospect of an extra bank holiday next year to celebrate the marriage of Prince William and Kate Middleton.

The Prime Minister said there would need to be a debate, but indicated he was personally keen on "a day of national celebration".

Speaking to MPs today, Mr Cameron said it would be a "very good idea" to have a bank holiday if the wedding is held on a weekday - but still a "great temptation" if it was at the weekend.

The wedding of Prince William's parents, Charles and Diana, in 1981 was also marked by a bank holiday.

Mr Cameron told the Commons Liaison Committee this afternoon: "There is a debate I think we ought to have - obviously not knowing what the date is yet - but whether there ought to be a bank holiday.

"I think if it's in the middle of the week it would be a very good idea to have a bank holiday.

"And even if it's at the weekend - this is entirely a decision for the royal family - even if it's at a weekend I think there would be a great temptation to have a bank holiday, a day of national celebration to mark what is happening."

Liberal Democrat MP Alan Beith, the committee's chairman, said: "That sounds like a decision."

A St James' Palace spokesman said: "Prince William and Catherine Middleton are grateful for the Prime Minister's comments, they also support the idea of a bank holiday but recognise this is very much a matter for the Government."