How Ben Affleck’s Hollywood CV will propel him into the US Senate


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Could Ben Affleck be swapping the Hollywood Hills for Capitol Hill?

The actor and director, who has been in Washington DC this week to encourage more US involvement in eastern Congo, was also scheduled to meet with Senator John Kerry, whose Massachusetts seat in the Senate would open up if – as is likely – he replaces the outgoing Hillary Clinton as Secretary of State.

Influential Washington sites like Politico have reported that Affleck’s name is one of a handful being floated about by Democrats if Massachusetts holds a special election. Affleck, who sharpened his political muscles by campaigning for the state’s other senator, Elizabeth Warren, earlier this year, hasn’t yet denied it. 

Think a life in the movies has left him unqualified for such a position? Don’t be ridiculous! If anything his roles have set him up perfectly to take on such responsibility.

In both Pearl Harbor and Armageddon he was the all-American hero, ready to defend his country from its enemies. He’s played the baddie enough times (The Town, Reindeer Games) to have a good insight into what makes criminals tick. And he’s got experience in politics – he’s been a Congressman in State of Play and a CIA analyst in The Sum of All Fears.

His work as Daredevil will also sew up the blind superhero vote. But, most importantly, Affleck will be prepared for the inevitable highs and lows that come with a life in politics. After all, this is a man who has both Argo and Gigli on his CV.

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