How do I vote for Jeremy Corbyn? (or any of the others in the Labour leadership race)

What you need to know

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Jeremy Corbyn is seemingly the runaway favourite for the Labour leadership race.

You can, of course, still vote for one of the other leadership candidates - who are Andy Burnham, Liz Kendall and Yvette Cooper - but only if you qualify to vote. Here’s what you need to do:

Jeremy Corbyn is ahead of all of his rivals in the Labour leadership race

Join the Labour Party

Has the last month of fierce election battle got you chomping at the bit to get your teeth into some proper party political fun? Joining the Labour Party can be as little as £1 a year if you’re in the armed forces, a student or under 19. Otherwise it can range from £1 to about £4 a month. If you’re up for the long hard slog of being in opposition, then this is your best bet to have your say. But remember, whoever takes the title you’ll still belong to the party.

Become a registered supporter

If you’re not quite sure about joining just yet, but still want to have your say, then this is probably a good option for you. Registered supporters who pay their £3 before 12pm on the 12 August will be allowed to vote in the leadership race. If you’re on the electoral register in London, you’ll get a say in the Primary election for Labour’s candidate for London Mayor, too.

Jeremy Corbyn at Duncombe Primary School in his north London constituency

Become an affiliated member

There are organisations, including trade unions and socialist societies, which have previously decided to affiliate to the Labour Party. They share the party’s values and pay a political subscription to the Labour Party on behalf of their members. Some of the biggest unions, such as Unite, Unison and GMB, fall into this category, as well as the Fabian Society and Christians on the Left. It won’t cost you a penny either.

You can see a full list, to see if you already qualify, here.

But it’s not quite so simple

You’ll need to pass stringent checks that you’re not part of an anti-Labour insurrection… by agreeing to this pledge:

“I support the aims and values of the Labour Party."

There have been suggestions that this seemingly fool-proof security measure might have some flaws, although quite why the Labour party old guard are so angry about their party attracting new members remains somewhat a mystery.

Harriet Harman, acting leader of the party, has written to all Labour MPs today, asking them to keep an eye on new members and supporters, to further add security to the leadership race.

Ballots will be sent out on 14 August, and all votes need to be sent back by 10 September.