Iain Duncan Smith: the man and his message

Let the battle commence
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Buzzwords: "family" (eight times), "unity" (six times)

Emphasis: leadership vote

Wife watch: married Betsy in 1982, mother of his two sons and daughters

CV: Scots Guards officer, served in Northern Ireland and Rhodesia (now Zimbabwe); Shadow Social Security Secretary; Shadow Defence Secretary

Manifesto launch venue: Conservative private members' club in Bradford

Quotes in support: Michael Howard, Michael Ancram, The Sun, The Daily Telegraph

Photos on leaflet: looking mean in combat outfit in front of an RAF fighter plane; with wife Betsy; at the helm of the Starship Enterprise (aka the last Tory conference platform)

Follicle rating: low, but portraits are either two years old or framed to minimise surface area of baldness

Favourite quote: "We need to challenge Labour's ration-book state"

Newest idea: Credits to let parents of children in failing schools spend their LEA's cash on a different school

Education: Give schools greater control over their budgets, restore the authority of teachers. Schools should have the power to oblige parents to support teachers through "binding contracts"

Health: "The best welfare is provided beyond the state, by families caring for the ones they love... the best nursing homes and hospices are not run by the state." Will give patients freedom and choice

Transport: No policies beyond unclogging roads and improving train reliability

Environment: Tax breaks for solar cells – "every home should have them, just as they have a fridge"; preservation of green fields; better recycling

Government: Vehemently opposed to regional government; wants to enhance status of local councils, and will insist that prospective MPs have a local government background

Race: "I want to see more ethnic minority candidates being selected, especially for winnable seats"

Morals: "Conservative beliefs are rooted in freedom, tolerance, respect for family and love of country... Labour have abolished the last recognition of marriage in the tax system"

Europe: "Only Iain can unite the party on Europe. The Danish rejection of the single currency, the Irish referendum vote... and the riots in Stockholm and Genoa are all clear signs of growing unease about the way important decisions are being removed from national democratic control"

The euro: "The party will oppose scrapping the pound and will campaign against the single currency." Pro-euro Tories can step down from the Cabinet during a referendum.

What he says: "I want to develop our strong economic, social and cultural links across the Atlantic and globally"

What he means: I loathe the EU and want to join Nafta

Illegible signature: looks like Chas Xylophone