Ideas man Cameron tops ITV poll as the next PM

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David Cameron is winning the battle of ideas in British politics, according to a survey for ITV.

The Tory leader is far ahead of both Gordon Brown and Sir Menzies Campbell in coming up with fresh ideas, and, say most people, would "make the best Prime Minister at the next general election".

Thirty-nine per cent of people said Mr Cameron had the freshest ideas, compared with 10 per cent for Mr Brown and 5 per cent for Sir Menzies. Asked who was more in touch with the needs of modern Britain, a third of people chose Mr Cameron, 17 per cent Mr Brown and 5 per cent Sir Menzies.

However, the survey, for the ITV political programme The Sunday Edition, showed Mr Brown was regarded as best placed to protect the nation from terrorist attack.

The findings made worrying reading for Sir Menzies. Of the Lib Dems surveyed, 40 per cent said they would rather see Charles Kennedy back as leader.

The Lib Dems' chief executive, Lord Rennard, criticised the findings, saying the party was "stronger than ever" under Sir Menzies.