In Dave's World... What's the price of a posh pinta?

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So, says Nadine Dorries, our leaders are out of touch. The Tory MP thought she hit a nerve last week when she lampooned Cameron and Osborne as "posh boys who don't know the price of milk". Unfair! Dave and George may be hazy over the full-fat, but isn't the average punter just as ignorant of their world? After all, what do you really know about the cost of living for the Notting Hill set?

1. A place in town? How much for an "exceptional semi-detached house" in Notting Hill's leafy Elgin Crescent?

2. Cotswolds bolthole? What price a "family house" in Chipping Norton?

3. New motor? What's the starting price for Range Rover's latest TDV8 Westminster edition?

4. Shooting? How much for a "fantastic pair of Purdey Self-Openers"?

5. Don't forget the kiddies! What does Eton cost these days?

6. And how much is a pint of milk anyway? (We're talking Daylesford Organic here, not Tesco....)

Answers 1. £10.5m (via Marsh & Parsons); 2. £1.5m (via Butler Sherborn); 3. From £69,995; 4. £44,000 (; 5. £30,981 a year; 6. 50p.