Jeremy Corbyn less popular than Paul Nuttall in London

A new poll put the Labour leader's personal approval rating in London at minus 44 per cent

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Jeremy Corbyn has a worse personal approval rating even in London than every other major party leader, including Ukip’s Paul Nuttall.

The Labour leader’s overall approval rating was -44%, compared to London’s most popular politician, Labour Mayor Sadiq Khan, on 35 per cent.

Mr Corbyn has been a London MP for more than thirty years, and many of his most loyal party colleagues are London MPs, including Shadow Foreign Secretary Emily Thornberry and Shadow Chancellor John McDonnell.

The figures game from a YouGov poll from Queen Mary University. Green leader Caroline Lucas scored +13 per cent, Theresa May +9 per cent and Tim Farron -8 per cent.

Mr Corbyn received an overall negative rating from all of London’s demographics, including Labour supporters, young people and unskilled workers.

Mr Khan has been cited as a potential leadership contender to replace Corbyn in the future.

Philip Cowley, Professor of Politics at Queen Mary University London said Khan’s popularity was not down to policy.

“When people are asked why they approve of Khan, the responses rarely include specific policies,” he said.

“Supportive responses instead focus on his lack of any errors to date, the fact that he isn’t Boris, the belief that it is too early to tell – along with a broader sense that he is saying and at least trying to do the right things for Londoners.

“Overall, Londoners like him.”