Jeremy Corbyn says Labour should hold a conference to decide its position on the EU referendum

The left-winger has also rejected an alliance with David Cameron

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Labour’s support for David Cameron’s European Union renegotiation package would not be a given if Jeremy Corbyn were elected leader, he has said.

Mr Corbyn told the Reuters news agency his party would have to have an open discussion about whatever Mr Cameron agreed with his European partners and could hold a special conference to decide its response.

The left-winger, who is the frontrunner to win the Labour leadership election, has said he wants reforms to the European Union but differs from Mr Cameron on what they should be.

“What I want to see is greater social solidarity across Europe," he told the Reuters news agency. “I'm for a sort of social, environmental, solidarity agenda rather than a market agenda.”

David Cameron is trying to change the terms of EU membership

In contrast, Mr Cameron is seeking restrictions on freedom to move around the bloc and on social security.

Asked whether he would support Mr Cameron’s reforms package, which has not yet been agreed, he said: "We would have to have a discussion in the Labour party on this, maybe a special conference.”

The socialist MP added that he would not “suppress” any of the “many” views on Europe present in the Labour party.

The Islington MP also told the Press Association news agency that he would not share a stage with Mr Cameron during the EU referendum campaign, even if they were campaigning on the same side.

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Asked whether he would share a platform with David Cameron as part of the campaign to stay in, Mr Corbyn simply replied: “No.”

The other candidates for the leadership of the party were less clear about whether they would appear with Mr Cameron.

At the start of his campaign Mr Corbyn was coy on whether he would support EU membership as leader, but he has now said he would work with allies across the continent to “create a better Europe”.

His refusal to work with the prime minister comes after a report in the Sunday Times newspaper that Mr Cameron would orchestrate a “choreographed” row with the French government over the EU.

The UK will have a referendum on the European Union by 2017 but the Prime Minister has previously hinted that it could be held earlier.

Some figures on the political left have urged Labour to consider supporting withdrawal from the European Union.

Voting in the Labour leadership election began this week. The results will be announced at a special party conference in September.

The other candidates for the party’s top job are Yvette Cooper, Liz Kendall, and Andy Burnham.