Jeremy Corbyn signed motion saying Arsenal is the best football team in the world

The MP signed a motion in 2004 about the club, who had had a good seasno

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Arsenal is "the best club football in the world at the moment", according to an parliamentary motion signed by Jeremy Corbyn in 2004.

Mr Corbyn, among other MPs, expressed his support for his local football team by signing an early day motion in Parliament in support of it.

Arsenal is based in Mr Corbyn's Islington constituency and it is common for MPs to sign EDMs to support their local clubs.

The motion was proposed by another MP, Brian Sedgemore. He wrote: "That this House believes that Arsenal is the best club football team in the world at the moment and admires them for the fluency and poetry that they have brought to the beautiful game."

The Labour leadership frontrunner has not made as much of his support for his local football team - in contrast to his competitor Andy Burnham, who is notable for his loud support for Everton FC.

Mr Corbyn has also previously made use of parliamentary motions to promote women's sport, sponsoring a motion in 2008 in support of Arsenal Ladies.

"This House congratulates Arsenal Ladies FC on winning the Women's FA Cup for the ninth time with superb skill and determination; and applauds their spirit and commitment, which is encouraging many young women to take up football," he wote.

The motion was signed by 25 other MPs.

This year he sponsored a motion congratulating Arsenal for winning the FA Cup.