Jeremy Corbyn tops Labour leadership vote of constituency groups

Jeremy Corbyn is storming ahead in the race to become Labour leader

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Jeremy Corbyn is the Labour leadership contender most popular with grassroots supporters, according to the party’s latest nomination figures.

Mr Corbyn has been endorsed by 162 Labour constituency parties, with Yvette Cooper achieving second place with 121, Andy Burnham 118, and Liz Kendall in last position with 21.

Although the endorsements do not count towards the final result, they are seen as an indication of how grassroots members of the party are planning to vote.

The 66-year-old, who has been the MP for Islington North since 1983, has unexpectedly come to dominate the race to become the new Labour leader after having initially struggled to even get his name on the ballot paper.

Jeremy Corbyn is ahead of all of his rivals in the Labour leadership race

He yesterday won the support of the Communications Workers Union and the TSSA, the white-collar rail union, having already received backing from Unison and Unite.

Dave Ward, the Communications Workers Union chief, said: “There is a virus within the Labour party and Jeremy Corbyn is the antidote.”

But in an article in The Guardian today, Mr Corbyn’s rival, Shadow Health Secretary Mr Burnham, criticised Mr Ward’s words as “provocative” and said they risked splitting the party.


“There is a factionalism that is bubbling under here which, to his credit, Jeremy has not [endorsed]… There is a risk though of a split if people talk in that provocative way,” he told The Guardian.

However, Mr Burnham praised his rival to the newspaper, saying Mr Corbyn was “representing a break with politics”.

“There are no soundbites, there is no script.  It is that which I think people are finding very attractive,” he said.

“The party is hungry for something different.  It has been fed this diet of this thin, meagre gruel of gimmicky policies.  It is hungry.”

In his 30 year career in politics, Mr Corbyn has campaigned on issues such as poverty and nuclear disarmament, and opposed the Iraq war.

The winner of the Labour leadership contest will be announced on 12 September.