Jeremy Corbyn's first speech live: Labour leader says Cameron must do more to solve refugee crisis

- Leader says Cameron must 'reach out the hand of humanity to refugees'

- He attacks right-wing media for their coverage since he was elected

- He says he has been given a 'mandate for change' and will bring about a new, 'honest' politics

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Labour's shadow Education Secretary has been doing the media rounds this morning to preview Mr Corbyn's speech. 

She told ITV1's Good Morning Britain that the new leader's style was "very open, very democratic, listening to people and taking their advice" and confirmed he had spoken with her about sections of the speech which touch on education, adding: "I know other colleagues have been included in that process as well and that's something I very much welcome."

She said: "I expect that his speech today will be one laden with values - his values, the Labour values and actually the values of the British people as well. I think that's the message he's going to try to get across."

Ms Powell, who ran Ed Miliband's leadership campaign in 2010 and backed Andy Burnham in this summer's contest, said all sides of the party had "a part to play" in developing a platform for the next general election.

"I look forward to playing my part in doing that with Jeremy and the rest of the Shadow Cabinet," she said.