Syriza: Jeremy Corbyn's victory gives hope to the people of Europe, says Greece's Syriza

Alexis Tsipras's party praised Mr Corbyn's record on austerity

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Jeremy Corbyn’s victory in the Labour leadership election sends a “message of hope to the people of Europe”, Greece’s leftist governing party has said.

In a statement Syriza praised Mr Corbyn for his active profile in anti-austerity politics and said he had played and active part in their own political struggle.

“Syriza welcomes today's historic election of Jeremy Corbyn to the leadership of the British Labour Party in the first round of voting,” the statement said.

Jeremy Corbyn won the leadership contest

“Jeremy Corbyn has always been active against war, racism and austerity, as a Labour MP and took part in diverse solidarity initiatives in Greece, including the Syriza election campaign in 2012.

“The election of Corbyn as Labour leader, through the activation of thousands of new members and a commitment to the need for halting the neoliberal policy, has boosted the broad front against austerity and sends message of hope to the people of Europe.”

Greece faces another legislative election this month in the wake of the country’s acceptance harsh austerity measures.

Polls look tight with Syriza roughly level with Greece’s centre-right opposition party after a left-wing group broke away from the governing party in opposition to its acquiescence on austerity.

The party swept to power in January on a wave of anti-austerity sentiment but failed to negotiate a better deal with European powers.

It decided not to default on its debt for fear Greece could be pushed out of the Euro.

Mr Corbyn was elected on Saturday as Labour leader on a landslide, gaining 59.5 per cent of the vote.

The result was compared to 19 per cent for Andy Burnham, 17 per cent for Yvette Cooper and 4.5 per cent for Liz Kendall.

Despite only gaining the bare minimum of nominations from MPs to get on the ballot paper, the new leader of the opposition proved very popular with members, registered supporters, and affiliated trade unionists.