Just 2% of UK mums feel represented by the political system


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Only one in 50 of Britain’s mums believes they are represented by the political system and only three per cent feel satisfied with UK politics, according to a survey of 3,200 mothers.

Four out of five mothers intend to vote in next year’s general election, but 58 per cent describe themselves as “disappointed” with politics, 51 per cent say they are “frustrated” and 34 per cent feel “disconnected.”

The “Mumdex index” of mothers who shop at the Asda supermarket found that 80 per cent regard the “cost of living” as an issue that would encourage them to vote for a party or candidate - a higher rating than for fixing the UK economy. This would appear to be good news for Labour. Two out of three mothers want to see a limit on energy prices, as Labour proposes.

However, “Asda mums” are more optimistic about the economy. The number who feel positive about their household finances outnumbers those feeling negative for the first time since the index was launched two years ago.